Our Focus

Insight & Action is an advisory firm that specialises in  the challenges of building future proof Data Driven businesses.  Clichéd as it sounds data is now the life blood of every organisation. Whether their genesis is bricks and mortar or the digital world. Data is a key business asset that has to cared for in order for that asset to drive value. Value will and is being driven by businesses that can gather, analyse and action on data at a frequency that is right for their business. Organisational, technical infrastructures and people strategies are all necessary for successful customer outcomes.

With this in mind we help High Growth Technology Companies realise their ambition for sustainable growth through coherent data capital strategies.

We have also developed a systems based approach to data driven business that delivers  to our ethos of turning Insight into Action.

Our philosophy is simple: ‘Every business is a system’.

A business should have a clear objective, a means of delivering that objective, measuring whether that objective is being met and if it is not adjusting the delivery mechanism accordingly.

Would you drive a car if you had no destination, with your eyes closed and not adjust the steering wheel if your route ahead was blocked ? We think not, but unfortunately this metaphor is all too prevalent in modern day business.