2018 Thinking About A Rocky Ride ?

  • A US and UK stock market breaking records
  • Buzzwords abound, bitcoin, Blockchain, AI,
  • Opinions from everywhere from self proclaimed experts

What do you think?

Well I have personally set some time aside to do that, just think. Don’t just take other people’s word for do your own homework. The wonderful thing these days is that there is no shortage of sources so you can peel back at least a few layers of the buzzword onion.

For instance I have some back ground in AI based on research I did 30 years ago. It took me short period of time using trusted sources on YouTube to separate the fact from the hype. I realised the base principles I had worked on long ago still held true and the big advancement in AI was down to the availability of compute and storage. This made the algorithms designed back in the late 80’s early 90’s viable today !


So if I can offer one piece of advise for your New Year resolutions, set aside at least an hour a week to dig beneath the hype. Unfortunately there are many people out there willing to part you from your money by suggesting

‘you’re being left behind and you just don’t understand’

Believe me with that extra hour you’ll be amazed how much you do understand and how easy it is to call the ‘experts’ Bluff ! Enjoy.

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