‘This quarter was baked 3 years ago’


How do you compete with a company that has a strategy that delivers that headline ?

Jeff Bezos a few months back shared the component parts of the strategy that underpins Amazon. If the following doesn’t send shivers down your spine, you don’t have a nervous system. How does your company’s strategy compare to these principles ?

  • ’I’ve lived with failure for years’
  • You should be comfortable that 9 out of 10 of your business experiments fail
  • Inventions are not disruptive, it’s customer adoption that is
  • ’get rich slow’
  • ’over night successes typically take 10 years’
  • customer obsession not shareholder obsession

Scott Galloway at L2 talks about regulating the Tech giants. If we are to believe Jeff Bezos won’t the consumer suffer in the short term, because we have to let alternative suppliers catch up and it will take 3 plus years to create rival offers ?

This is a debate that will gather pace in 2018


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